A Nomadic State of Mind

Peter Bittner


A Nomadic State of Mind is a window into the "Land of the Eternal Blue Sky," offering glimpses of a rapidly developing nation in the midst of an unprecedented transition from "traditional" herding lifestyles to "modern" ways of life. During my year in Mongolia, my aim was to document this complex social transformation by focusing on the contradictory yet co-dependent rural and urban worlds.


Keeping my handheld Canon Elph Powershot close, I set out to explore and allowed myself the freedom to wander. In the process, I discovered great satisfaction and beauty in capturing the diverse expressions of an expansive and wondrous land undergoing globalization's profoud influences. I must acknowledge and give my sincerest thanks to the many amazing people I met along the way who helped make this project possible.


I hope you enjoy my selected photo collection!




Peter J. Bittner

All Images © 2014 Peter Bittner.

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